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Hi! I'm Sarah.

I've been an insatiable bookworm all my life.

Growing up, all I ever wanted was to be allowed to sit in a cozy corner with a stack of books and a cuppa tea. But the adults in my life insisted that wasn't a "real" I became a financial advisor instead.

Somewhere along the line I realized that people actually get paid to write fantasy novels so I published three of them... and then three nonfiction books for good measure.

Now I consume 1-2 novels per week and run a $6-figure online coaching brand in my spare time ;-)

As an award-winning YA fantasy author I know what it takes to finish, publish and sell your book, so I created this website as a hobby to help aspiring authors monetize their passion.


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Book Planning & Outline

Want to write a book but not sure how to start? Whether you have a novel inside you bursting to get out, or are an entrepreneur with a teaching book or memoir you want to share with the world, here is a good place to start.

Self-Publishing vs. Traditional (Trad) Publishing

Not sure which route suits your bookpreneur career best? Check out this great article on the differences between self- vs. trad publishing. It even includes a quiz to help you decide which path is best for you!

How To Sell More Books

Want to sell more copies of your book? The best time to learn the basics of book selling is before you start writing! (Because many marketing decisions need to be made before you ever put pen to paper).

Already have a published book you're trying to sell? Apply for a guest spot on our podcast, BookPod, and get a free Book Promo Plan when you appear on the show!

Kansas City Retreats & Weekly Meetups

Join us for our weekly writing sessions in downtown Kansas City, or attend an upcoming 2-day author retreat!

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Do you offer coaching for bookpreneurs?

Yes! Each week I volunteer my time at a local Kansas City nonprofit for aspiring authors. Join us every Sunday 1-3pm to ask me any question. I also offer 1:1 coaching, book funnel design, and other services to help you write, publish and sell your book.

How do I schedule a 1-on-1 coaching session with Sarah?

Scheduling a coaching session with Sarah is easy and convenient. 1-on-1 coaching starts at $75/hour. Click here to get started.

What if I'm not sure what to write about?

Bring your ideas to our free Facebook™ community to get feedback and guidance on how to start writing, create an outline, and start putting pen to paper!

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